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Berthon USA invites you to the Autumn Boat Shows at its HQ in Lymington UK

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This year has seen a lot of changes economically and politically throughout the world.  The yachting industry reflects these changes and the most significant factor at play is currency shift.   Brexit has led to a weaker £ and the is also weak against the US$.  We have been working with our UK and French office successfully to take advantage of these factors and have sold a significant number of European brokerage yachts to our USA client base this year.

Because we have offices on both sides of the Atlantic, the logistics of shipping a yacht to the USA are easily managed.  We have a full serviced yard in the UK employing 100 skilled craftsmen on the shop floor and a full infrastructure in place in the Mediterranean.  For those who wish to cruise in Europe before crossing the Atlantic, we are able to advise on title, VAT as well as the best cruising grounds in the area.

September sees some key events in the UK, and we would like to invite you to participate.

Southampton Boat Show – 16th – 25th September

One of the largest in water shows in Europe. It is 1.5 hours from the London airports and 35 minutes from Berthon.

Berthon Collection 22 – this runs concurrent with the Southampton Boat show

The 22nd time that this has been staged and we will have around 100 brokerage yachts available on display.  Here are a selection of the yachts that we will have at Collection 22:

KEALOHA 8 (Oyster 72/04, 2006, £1,125,000), BLUE DOLPHIN (Southerly 420, 2013, £325,000), DUET II (Oyster 56, 1998, £330,000), MORE MAGIC (Discovery 67, 2010, £995,000), NIMROD (Judel/ Vrolijk Marten 80, 2001/12, £1,150,000), PATIENCE (Nordia 49, 1989, £375,000), SEPTEMBER A M (Discovery 55/039, 2011, £650,000), UHURU (Oyster 62, 2008, £995,000), BLUE MOOSE (Hallberg-Rassy 40, 2003, £180,000), ISABEL (Jongert 27m, 1983/ 2012, €785,000), JEWEL (Mainsail Pilothouse Sloop 618, 2005, £495,000), MERLYN (Oyster 45, 2004, £235,000), DALVINA (24.3 m T.S.D.Y. 1988/9, £975,000), LOUP GRIS (FPB 64 #6, 2014, £1,850,000), METEOR (Swordsman 40, 2004, £195,000), MOLLY BAN (63’ Nigel Irens Modern Classic Motor Yacht, 2008, €600,000) and PEGGY BAWN (G L Watson 36’ Cutter, 1984, €300,000), SUKI (Sabre 42 Express, 2004, £199,000), CASSIOPEIA (Windy 52 Xanthos, 2008, £449,500), ANTILOPE (Grand Soleil 46, 2011, £166,625), ARNAMENTIA (Swan 46 MKII, 1990, £169,000), ZINGALA (Swan 56-040, 2003, €465,000), MA COPINE (Baltic 35, 1985/ 2011, £80,000), CHADH FI (Hanse 620e, 2007, £450,000)

Cannes Boat Show 6th – 11th September


One of the most glamorous shows in Europe.   It is a 1.45 hour flight from the London airports and accommodation is easy to arrange, we would be delighted to help as we have an office close by.  We will be showing the Advanced Yachts range, for which we are the agent on the East Coast of the USA.

At Cannes will be the Advanced A80…


And the Advanced A44…


Of the first quality they are built in Italy and benefit from € pricing.   They are light, fast and have incredible liveable interiors…


Of the first quality they are built in Italy and benefit from € pricing.   They are light, fast and have incredible liveable interiors…


We are also showing the Dixon 73 LA LUNA in the Port Canto brokerage show (6th-11th September) which also has a selection of great brokerage yachts


A word about our Lymington HQ…


Situated on the Solent, it is the other side of the water to Cowes – the UK’s seat of yachting –

Alternatively on this side of the famous waterway is English Heritage site, Hurst Castle, reachable by ferry from Key Haven, or by walking 1.5 miles along the shingle spit from Milford-on-Sea 



The lighthouse is fully operational, and is therefore not usually open to the public.  However, Berthon clients have been offered the unique opportunity to have a guided tour to the top of the lighthouse, where the views of the Solent promise to be nothing short of spectacular.  (For those keen to take advantage of this special offer, prior notice must be given and a small fee will apply on the day).

The town of Lymington has a Georgian high street which is intact and it is a bustling place full of eateries and it has a market every Saturday…


At the bottom of the high street, a cobbled street with shops leads down to the quayside…


Lymington is also in the heart of the New Forest National Park


…which is just down the road from Beaulieu.  Beaulieu is small village on the south eastern edge of the New Forest and home to the National Motor Museum


…Palace House


…Beaulieu Abbey


…and the Monorail & Veteran Bus the oldest monorail in England, to take you to the Beaulieu attractions listed above


There are also some great places to stay:

Stanwell house:


Gordleton Mill:


The Montagu Arms:

The Pig:


Lime Wood Hotel:


If you would like to join Berthon in the UK this September, please do contact us and if you need more information, please just ask.   The office in the UK is used to making reservations, booking transfers, and making sure that it is easy for our clients to make their way around.   They will also ensure that you have the right tickets for the shows that you select.

You can contact us on +44 (0) 1590 679 222 or email: or call or USA office, 1 401 846 8404,