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Euphoria 54 arrives in California

Very Happy Euphoria 54 owner, sailing off Santa Barbara.   The yacht was trucked from Annapolis, and then recommissioned in there.   Not an easy job.   The email of the day was:

Went sailing yesterday – – spectacular. Broke 10knts in about 8-12knts of wind! The boat is fast.

And, his comments about Berthon USA were also appreciated:


I’d like to thank and compliment you on doing a truly exceptional job with both pre-sale and post-sale support. It is rare these days to find businesses which are responsive, reliable and expert. You have shown all of these traits. Your response time is measured in minutes, while many companies are measured in days.

I’d like to also thank Alan most recently for going way above and beyond the call for his efforts in getting Genevieve commissioned and orienting me to the boat.