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Fastnet – 50 Years Ago for Berthon’s Bill Rudkin

50 years ago, August 3rd 1979, I set sail on board Boomerang, a 60 ft sloop owned by George Coumantaros. It became one of the most memorable events of my sailing life as The Fastnet of ’79 unfolded…..

We sailed through the center of this amazing storm surviving a complete knock down from a rogue wave in the middle of the night with on deck crew washed overboard to the end of their safety tethers. ..all were gathered back on board!!

I can still see those helicopters in the early morning after the storm somewhat subsided looking for survivors…we finished well behind Ted Turner’s winning Tenacious, even we were reported lost at sea as we were 12 hours behind …… I remember kissing the ground with my other crew members as we got on to solid ground…..memories that last a life time.