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Inside the other Blue Shed at Berthon – The Yacht Paint Facility

As you may know our Cousins over the pond in the UK at Berthon have a splendid Marina, Shipyard and Maintenance facility, did you also know they have a state of the art yacht paint spraying facility?

The facility was installed at Berthon in 1999 by the Dutch company Rowit, giving Berthon one of the premier yacht spraying facilities in Europe, where we have over 8000 cubic metres of dedicated space purely for the preparation and spraying of yachts, mast and spars.

The Other Blue Shed at Berthon UK

Inside the Paint Spraying Facility at Berthon

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Berthon Fact – 350 Topsides, superstructures/coach roofs or rigs painted in 15 years; add antifoul and the paint used would cover over 800 tennis courts.

If you would like to discuss paint options for your yacht or would like a quote you can contact Heather on 01590 673312 or email

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