Rustler 37

About the Rustler 37

Designed as a smaller sistership to the renowned and well respected Rustler 42 the new Rustler 37 is a pretty yacht, offering double cabins fore and aft, and a spacious saloon.  There is plenty of storage for extended cruising, and large navigation and galley areas.

Much thought has been given to comfort whilst sailing. The trademark long fin keel and deep canoe underwater body is in complete contrast to many modern production yachts of this size. The shape reduces slamming through waves, and the configuration in general allows more sail to be carried further into higher wind strengths without added leeway. Both satisfying from a sailing standpoint and comfortable from a physical one.

The Rustler 37 is perfect for short-handed cruising, with standard single line reefing, and all controls led back to the cockpit, for easy, safe and manageable sailing.

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