Sealine C330

About the Sealine C330

Take a look at the C330, and your holidays have already started. The voluminous and lightflooded superstructure promises a joyful cruise on every seamile you travel, whilst her sleek and lightweight look immediately creates the mood for an easygoing time out.

At a length of 33 feet, the C330 offers many sociable and cozy places. Due to the recessed superstructure, guests enjoy open views to the sea while being seated. The galley is angled by 90 degrees and forms the lower part of the rear wall when the tilting window is closed. With the tilting window completely open, the corner turns into a bar, creating an easygoing atmosphere on board. Onboard the C330, boaters have always the choice whether to relax inside or outside: two equally sized L-shaped sofas – located in the saloon and the aft deck – underline the C330 is an all-weather cruiser.

The reasoned layout provides easy access to all parts of the boat: using the side door, it takes just a few steps to the bow area. A gap between aft sofa and bulwark seamlessly connects main deck and bathing platform. Two fully-equipped private cabins: highly unusual for this size of a boat. The bed size: class-leading. The ceiling height: unmatched. Take the spirit of freedom you get at the ocean to the inside. The voluminous living space makes it happen.

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