Sealine C430

About the Sealine C430

It is pioneering in its aesthetics and the ultimate symbol of quality of life. It is extremely versatile, impressively dynamic and wonderfully relaxing. Put simply: it is the Sealine C430.

Thanks to impressive glass facades, you have an unparalleled panoramic view that goes beyond all other yachts of this class. The floor-to-ceiling saloon windows guarantee breathtaking scenes from any seat. You even have a view of the blue or starry skies, especially beautiful when the sunroof is open. Spacious hull windows perfectly round out the open feeling. While your eyes wander outside, the sunshine always finds its way in. The gentle breeze, the warm sunrays, the scent of ocean air – life at sea is life under blue skies. Enjoy a luxurious summer terrace with all the extras every day at the cockpit. An electric soft top provides shade, while the table can be lowered to give additional space in a second. The bar with stainless steel handrail creates
a harmonious transfer to the kitchen, where you can also revel in the feeling of freedom when the back window is open. Enjoy a special lifestyle on board thanks to the barbecue integrated into the transom. Here is where you can prepare delicious meals – while being part of the goings-on with friends in the open sun. Featuring cold and warm water, as well as a large worktop, the barbecue area is like a second pantry. Dedicated retractable lighting lets you create a special dining atmosphere when the sun sets.

You are closer than ever to the water on the Sealine C430. On sunny summer days, the bathing platform becomes the center of life on board. Its large size offers you more freedom, and space for a tender boat. With the press of a button, the platform lowers on hydraulics down to the water. At the same time, steps automatically extend out for easy access. Use the transom shower with warm and cold water for even more fun.

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