Sealine S330v

About the Sealine S330v

The new Sealine S330v is here, ready to exceed your expectations. She takes her light, thrillingly dynamic design from the celebrated Sealine S330. Her breathtaking performance is delivered by two powerful outboard engines just waiting to get going. If you expect your driving experience to be most spontaneous, the outboard-powered Sealine S330v will arouse all your enthusiasm. Her low draught allows maneuvering, snorkeling or bathing close to the coast. In addition to these benefits, steering the yacht when reversing is beautifully simple.

At a length of 33 feet, the Sealine S330v provides everything you would expect from a supremely comfortable motor yacht. A full-featured galley, a luxurious saloon and two double cabins, all designed in an elegant yet modern style. Once inside, you realise why light switches are rarely used before sunset. Large hull windows provide abundant natural light – as well as wonderful views to the maritime scenery beyond. The S330v features an interior so versatile that it is defined only by your needs. For example, you can order your yacht with or without bulkhead between the saloon and forward cabin – and you still have the benefit of a separate cabin in the rear.

Discover the Sealine S330v today. Typical Sealine. Excitingly different.

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