Rustler 33

About the Rustler 33

The new Rustler 33 is beautiful. Designed to be really easy to live with, simple to sail, and offer cosy accommodation for a weekend away; she is the perfect antidote to yachts whose designers have forgotten what pleasure there is to be had in simple aesthetic beauty.

As a larger stable-mate of the hugely successful Rustler 24 dayboat, the new Rustler 33 is an all new design, with grace, and classic well judged overhangs she really will turn heads wherever she is seen. A lead fin keel, fully balanced rudder and large easily handled rig offer first class performance without drama, and a small inboard diesel will always get you home if the wind dies!

Whether day sailing, anchoring off a beach for a swim and a picnic, staying on board for a night, or indeed racing around the bay, the new Rustler 33 will surprise and delight you.

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