Solaris Yachts

The company Solaris Yachts has a long history of both the production of new yachts and the repair/refit of yachts. The shipyard opened its gates in 1974 – in Aquileia, at the top of the Venetian lagoon, an area well known for its boatbuilding traditions. In their modern production facilities, right next to the water, you have the opportunity to test sail your magic carpet of choice.

For more than 40 years, they have produced very fine performance yachts and now their models range from 40ft to 111ft. The yachts are characterised by innovative design, very high construction quality and of course, their stylish finish. The Solaris Design Team has had great success and in collaboration with Javier Soto Acebal, designed today’s fleet of yachts. Solaris Yachts is considered one of the most prestigious yards in the world and at a recent Boat International World Superyacht Awards – they won a prize for their latest superyacht – the Solaris 111 RS.

The success of Solaris Yachts has mainly come thanks to its brilliant construction philosophy – a combination of technology, strength and traditional manufacturing. Each Solaris yacht has a 40mm composite main bulkhead, the bulkhead is laminated on both sides to the hull and deck. Longitudinal and transverse beams are laminated to the hull. The keels on all models have a wide keel plate for optimal power transmission and power distribution through the 30mm coarse steel bolts that connect the keel to the hull. The yachts are very strong and built with the best components and material choices. The high quality means that a Solaris yacht retains a high resale value and above all, trouble-free sailing pleasure for you as the owner.

When stepping aboard, the first thing you will notice is the design of all Solaris models, but it is only when you get out on the water that you really understand the benefits of a Solaris. The yachts are designed and constructed so that you, perhaps with a small crew, can get the most out of your sailing. A large open cockpit provides an overview of the entire yacht, and winches and sheets are within easy reach. All models are delivered with self-tacking foresail for easy and safe sail handling, and in combination with an integrated bowsprit for gennakers, this will be an unbeatable combination even on the regatta circuit.

Solaris Yachts deliver performance and comfort in a completely unique way. You will get many admiring eyes every time you enter a marina or bay.

The Berthon Sales Group has worked closely with Solaris Yachts for many years, with multiple offices now acting as agents for these fantastic Italian sailboats. This is a great asset for you – knowing there is a network of knowledgeable sailors and services out there.

Peter Houghton:

Solaris 40

The Solaris 40 was a brand new model in 2021 and she packs all the punch, looks and of course, comfort of her bigger sisters. The main idea behind the Solaris 40 was to incorporate the latest advances along with keeping the stylish Solaris lines - which Javier Soto Acebal has created throughout the whole Solaris fleet.

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Solaris 44

The Solaris 44 saw its debut at the 2018 Cannes Yachting Festival and has proved to be a very popular yacht. Over 30 have been built and their popularity continues. The hull shape and design of the Solaris 44 was first seen on the Solaris 55 with the now trademark Solaris soft chine and carrying her full beam aft to the transom. Her twin rudders provide great grip on the water and of course, the outboard twin helms allow for fantastic visibility down the decks. Her sailing performance speaks for itself and she is perfectly balanced at sea.

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Solaris 50

With over 60 Solaris 50s sold since her introduction, it was a tall request for Javier Soto Acebal to improve on this popular size with additional refinements. He has delivered however with the ‘new’ Solaris 50, launched April 2022. Even more sparkling performance that is easily manageable, with increased stability, and a clean uncluttered striking style. The integral transom tender garage and improved layout down below takes this new 50 to an unbelievable next level of design.

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Solaris 55

A long 14 months in the design office eventually came the spectacular Solaris 55. Every detail was reviewed and fine-tuned to ensure she became a benchmark 16m yacht, in regards to her looks, capabilities and performance. As with her sisters she also carries her maximum beam aft a design feature which is now seen most commonly on a large number of ocean racing yachts. She has a high stability ratio and righting moment ballast to weight ratio of more than 40% created by her T keel with lead bulb and cast iron fin available with a 3m draft or optional shallower 2.7m.

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Solaris 60

Freshly launched in 2020 to create a yacht that will set the precedent for the future of performance cruising yachts. The aim was to create a Mini-Maxi which means the yacht must be no longer than 18.31m allowing her to take part in Mini-Maxi racing. Including the prestigious Mini-Maxi Cup which takes place in the fabulous Porto Cervo every year. The Solaris 60 is the ultimate yacht for the family yachtsman who also wants to do a spot of enjoyable racing.

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Solaris 64 RS

Solaris 64 RS is one of the newer models from the drawing board of Javier Soto Acebal and hull number one launched in 2019. She is an extremely innovative yacht in the bluewater-cruising segment. The RS models have a bright saloon with large windows that provide an unbeatable panoramic view. The elevated saloon creates space for a central engine room where all service systems are gathered, well insulated so that the two aft cabins are not disturbed. The layout of the foreship is really innovative where she can be specified with two different solutions, a large sail locker or furnished for a crew cabin with its own head.

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Solaris 68 RS

Solaris 68 RS is the perfect yacht for bluewater cruising. Like her smaller sister ship, she is extremely innovative with unbeatable performance both above and below deck. This yacht is the result of many years of experience from the design and construction of sailing yachts with a focus on long-distance sailing.

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Solaris 74 RS

It's time to make history again by launching a new 22-meter yacht, the Solaris 74 RS. Over the years, the shipyard has developed and designed several models in this size of yacht, each yacht has become more innovative and performed better on the water than its predecessor. The owners' needs and ambitions have been satisfied and each Solaris yacht offers safe and easy offshore sailing.

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Solaris 80 RS

Created for extended bluewater cruising in comfort while still being under 24m. The Solaris 80 RS design has been incredibly well thought through and there are 2 very different options for the interior layout - with either the owner’s cabin forward or aft which is a rare find. Whichever is your preference, she still boasts 4 cabins plus great crew accommodation which is positioned forward or aft depending on your layout choice.

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Solaris 111 SY

Solaris 111 SY - hull no.1 was launched in 2020 but made her public debut at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show and she was incredibly well received. Built at the request of past Solaris owners, she is a beautiful yacht. At this size, the yacht is very much semi-custom so can therefore be adapted to meet your needs. Her list of impressive features is second to none.

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