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About the Sealine C335


Take a look at the Sealine C335, and your holidays have already started. The voluminous and light flooded superstructure promises a joyful cruise for every sea mile you travel, whilst her sleek and lightweight look immediately creates the mood for an easy going time out.

At a length of 33 feet, the C335 offers many sociable and cozy places to relax. Due to the recessed superstructure, guests enjoy open views to the sea while being seated and protected. The galley is angled by 90 degrees and forms the lower part of the rear wall when the tilting window is closed. With the tilting window completely open, the corner turns into a bar, creating a through flowing atmosphere on-board. Users will always have the choice whether to relax inside or outside: two equally sized L-shaped sofas – located in the saloon and the aft deck – underline the C335 as a true all-weather cruiser.

The reasoned layout provides easy access to all parts of the boat: using the side door, it takes just a few steps to get to the bow area. A gap between aft sofa and bulwark seamlessly connects the main deck and bathing platform. Two fully-equipped private cabins: highly unusual for this size of a boat. The bed size: class-leading. The ceiling height: unmatched. Take the spirit of freedom you get on the ocean to the inside. The voluminous living space makes it happen.

About the Sealine C390


Floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass and large hull windows enchant the senses. Skylights and sliding roof panels give you the feeling of being in the open air yet with the protection of the wheelhouse. The Sealine C390 uses glass masterfully. And the result? A design that presents the sea in all its beautiful guises – and puts most of them in the shade. The cockpit area and saloon are connected by a bifold door and tilt-up window. When both are open, you enjoy one-level living on sunny days – or panoramic views when they are closed.

Enjoy a spectacular view ahead from the foredeck, which can be transformed from a sunbed into a comfortable bench in a matter of seconds. The ease with which you can reach the bow is another special feature of the Sealine C390. Simply step through the sliding glass door right by the helm seat and along the extra-wide side deck.

Surprise your guests with culinary treats from the outdoor barbecue, or indulge in some watersports from the extra-long bathing platform. And when it is time to relax, turn the cockpit into a lounge landscape. Whatever you choose, you will revel in every moment at sea knowing you can get places at a splendid 34 knots!

About the Sealine C430


It is pioneering in its aesthetics and the ultimate symbol of quality of life. It is extremely versatile, impressively dynamic and wonderfully relaxing. Put simply: it is the Sealine C430.

Thanks to impressive glass facades, you have an unparalleled panoramic view that goes beyond all other yachts of this class. The floor-to-ceiling saloon windows guarantee breath-taking scenes from any seat. You even have a view of the blue or starry skies, especially beautiful when the sunroof is open, bringing the outside in. Spacious hull windows perfectly round out the open feeling. While your eyes wander outside, the sunshine always finds its way in. The gentle breeze, the warm sunrays, the scent of ocean air – life at sea is life under blue skies. Enjoy a luxurious summer terrace with all the extras you need in the cockpit. An electric soft top provides shade, while the table can be lowered to give additional space in a second. The bar with stainless steel handrail creates a harmonious transfer to the galley, where you can also revel in the feeling of freedom when the back window is open. Enjoy a special lifestyle on-board thanks to the barbecue integrated into the transom. Here is where you can prepare delicious meals – while being part of the goings-on with friends in the open sun. Featuring cold and warm water, as well as a large worktop, the barbecue area is like a second pantry. Dedicated retractable lighting lets you create a special dining atmosphere when the sun sets.

You are closer than ever to the water on the Sealine C430. On sunny summer days, the bathing platform becomes the center of life on-board. Its large size offers you more freedom, and space for a tender. With the press of a button, the platform lowers on hydraulics down to the water. At the same time, steps automatically extend out for easy access. Use the transom shower with warm and cold water for even more fun.

Down below you have two large double cabins with two en-suite heads and separate showers. There is the option of a 3rd cabin or splitting the double berths into bunks if this is more in keeping with your needs.


About the Sealine C530


The fabulous Sealine C530 cruiser brings you closer to the elements of nature than you have ever been before. The elegantly sweeping roof spans the largest panoramic windows in the 50-foot class at an impressive 6 metres long. Portholes featuring a polygonal shape enrich the ensemble of modern forms and clear lines, to guarantee a phenomenal view even when you are below deck.

The U-shaped galley is located between the saloon and the cockpit to comfortably serve both areas. It features a large fridge and freezer, electric cooker and a microwave with grill function. For more individual fittings, you will find plenty of additional space. Revel in luxurious living at all times in your yacht’s elegant saloon. Turn the seating group into two sofas facing each other and let your guests enjoy the grand 360° panoramic view from either side. When you want to create a convivial atmosphere, simply return the seating to its U-shaped layout. For any occasion, the right drinks await you perfectly tempered in the stand-alone wine cooler directly behind the helm.

To make sure you can celebrate living under the open sky in all its variations, Sealine places great importance on highly convertible designs. Fold down the backrest of the stern bench to create a lie-down area at the cockpit table. When the table is lowered, both surfaces combine also into a huge sunbathing area. By putting the backrest in its upright position, you transform the cockpit into an alluring dining place. If you prefer some shade, just close the electric sunroof. You easily open it again for sunbathing in the afternoon.

Cool off in the ocean. Let the sun caress your skin. Have some freshly grilled delights outside. When on deck, you enjoy the freedom to choose between bathing platform, cockpit and the lounge at the bow. At each of these ingeniously designed areas, summer life is bustling in all its colors. Imagine there is nothing but the ocean beside you, and above you only sky. The luxurious lounge at the bow offers a completely unobstructed place. It is wonderful for resting and relaxing. The table electrically lowers into the floor to give you a large sunbathing platform. Thanks to the storage compartments beneath the seats you have your beach towels and sunhats always right at hand.

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